Behind the Shutter With Mark Nguyen: Justin Timberlake’s Personal Photographer

Behind the Shutter With Mark Nguyen: Justin Timberlake's Personal Photographer

For the 2016 Bad Boy Family Reunion Tour, Mark rode along with Carlos “Kaito” Araujo, Diddy’s personal photographer and was shadowing Puff the whole time. He equates the experience to being thrown into the metaphorical fire before coming out a phoenix risen from the ashes. “With Puff, they threw me into the fire and was like go for it. I had to put my game on all day and worked my ass off for that. Working for Puff and Justin, they’re completely different, in different parts of the business. I’m where I’m at now with JT — where it’s so lax — and I know what I’m doing because of it.”

The experience Mark garnered on the 26-show, month-and-a-half long Bad Boy Family Reunion Tour has helped him run around as the solo photographer for Timberlake’s Man of the Woods Tour. With four legs and 110 shows in total on two continents, it’s a completely new experience, but luckily there are a lot of breaks in between. Those break days are spent either with friends and family or rehearsing — Mark puts in just as much work as the dancers and production crews.

“I’m with the dancers and video producers working out, we run and do all that during rehearsals. Especially me, I had to because the stage is so huge I have to maintain my energy and everything, my stamina is low as hell as it is,” he says with a laugh. He adds, “I’m the only photographer on the tour so I get a lot of free creative control. It’s pretty much my stage as much as it is his. I run around and rehearse just as much as they do to try to get my shots at a specific part of the song at a specific spot on the stage. It’s very intricate.” Because there isn’t a photographer’s pit, he’s all over the general floor and running around the crowd which he says is, “such a dope vibe.”

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