Cai Guo Qiang Launches Florence Fireworks

Cai Guo Qiang Launches Florence Fireworks

This past Sunday, Cai Guo Qiang launched 50,000 fireworks portraying flowers at the Piazzale Michelangelo in Florence, Italy. For the showcase, the internationally-acclaimed Chinese artist drew inspiration from Renaissance artist Sandro Botticelli’s Primavera tempera painting. Colorful smoke billowed from the historic establishment, covering nearly 24 meters of sky. The expansive piece entitled “City of Flowers in the Sky” is comprised of seven acts: “Thunder,” “God of the West Wind and Goddess of the Land”, “The birth of Flora”, “Venus”, “Three Graces”, “Spiritual Garden” and “Red Lily”.
Head over to Uffizi’s website to learn more and see it in action below.
“City of Flowers in the Sky”
Piazzale Michelangelo,
Florence, Italy 50125

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