CeramicSpeed Chainless Bicycle Drivetrain | HYPEBEAST

CeramicSpeed Chainless Bicycle Drivetrain | HYPEBEAST

Bike part manufacturer CeramicSpeed has developed a drivetrain concept that uses an advanced drive shaft without any chains and derailleurs. Partnering with the University of Colorado’s Mechanical Engineering Department, the team was able to create a design that halves the friction of traditional chain and derailleur setup.
It uses a carbon driveshaft that turns two sets of bearing pinions that shifts torque effortlessly from the front ring through the drivetrain and onto the flat 13-speed cassette. This also means that the efficiency rises to an extraordinary 99%. It also features near limitless gear ratio options and a unique carbon fiber shaft-driven bearing gear that results in a more durable system.
Check out the video above and share your thoughts in the comments.
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