1. Roe break in

Crack Crack. The gun shots rip through the air.  Gun shards pierce the blockade separating my enemy and death. Echoes of fire ricochet off the floor. The sounds block out our sense of hearing and we can faintly see what is around us. I signal to turn on our night vision. I hear Gianni yelling to stay covered. Its dark i can barely see or hear. The one day we think would be best to fulfill this plan ends up being the worst. I feel every pump of my heart as it bounces off my chest and as the shots come flying i can feel my adrenaline coarse through my veins telling me its go time. Leo looks up at me. I could see in his face that he knew that these guys stood in front of what we needed the most. He yells “GO!!!” I hurdle over the blockade i found so safe. Barreled toward the first enemy. I lock my gun on him and pump the trigger and shoot him twice in the legs. He falls and i jump on top of him and slit his throat with my switchblade. Seems as though Leo has decapitated his target just as fast as i did. He smirks at me and we begin to run! “We have to scale up this hill! Move!!” Moon’s says. Moon and his three friends begin to climb. The mucky still air creates a humidity like no other. The hooting and hollering of the beasts of the woods creates much attention to the four travelers. But they are close to their destination. Its the year 3333 and the world has seen better days. A man by the name of Roe had found one of life‘s greatest secrets many years ago. The power to repeat with the knowledge of the future. He had gone backand made himself leader of the world. Single handedly crushing and destroying everything humanity had created with his tyranny and illogical laws. Since then his predecessors bare the name Roe. It had gone so far that the world had become divided. Greed and Violence took over and it forced the world to have to set up three factions. Roe, Wylnn and Sivera. We were from Sivera the Region of 3 because we were the last to be created when the divide happened. As Sivera we bore an all black jump suit with two solid gold S’s on the shoulders. The wars that happened in the years leading up to 3333 were devastating. Gianni my short but well built friend had lost his family. Sia thin with a beard of a lumberjack, was in it for the peace he wanted everyone to be one again. Didn’t we all. Leo was the man who desired all the knowledge and he wanted to come along as our scribe and Moon’s, well he was the man with the plan. Always stood tall with his long hair and body of a all around athlete. He had lost what he had loved the most and that was his gem Luna. She had been the single most beautiful thing this world had created. To lose her was as hard of a loss as it was to lose your Mother,Sister and Wife all in the same day. The look of determination radiated from our faces as if there was nothing in this life or the next that could stop us from what we had to accomplish.

We hear troops and sirens in the distance. They know we have broken into the Roe woods. We have to move faster. “How much longer” Leo says as the sweat on his forehead hits the ground sizzling from how steamy the woods are. No one answers. We hit a deep canyon and we all jump off without hesitation activating our flight suits. We glide down as though we are hawks looking for a prey.  A immense fog begins to form around the four travelers. “We are close” says Moon’s. As we inch our way through the clouds of fog. We see a passage, It’s clear and it is light. It seems like it was calling us. We land on the rocky floor it feels as though we have entered hell. It was so hot it was almost unbearable. But that doesn’t matter now we all stop and stare. Breathless and motionless. All the years we have traveled looking for this thing and we have found it. I can remember a euphoria jolting through my body as if nothing in the world could make me any happier. “The secret” we had found it. What are ancestors had sent us out to retrieve for centuries upon centuries we had found it.

What this secret was suppose to fulfill was the ability to control our lives beyond belief. It was going to send us back to a point where we could change apart of our lives for the better. To erase any memory any bad thought of the past forever. To be reborn a new. To be able to replace an empty void left by oneself. To be able to fill this void. To become happy once again. It was the greatest gift our ancestors could give us. The map to find where The Secret was a blessing and we had fulfilled our destinies. As we each took our steps toward the light, we exchanged head nods with one another. Something inside all of us knew that if anyone hadn’t made it back. The other ones would never give up and to complete the mission for the sake of the world! Actually for the sake of the universe. “We depend on you.” I heard in my head. As we took another step I started to think, “The secret” would make us forget everything we knew about this life anything before the time of our desired memory point. I was scared and could feel the quiver of my soul throughout my whole body. I  was doubting myself. We all took another step. We knew our mission was to inform the world of “The secret” and its location. Dr.uvoo the local scientist with the title “The Future’s Einstein” gave us these “Dream Chips” which would save the thoughts of our mission in our dreams allowing them to be pumped out into our brains each night as we slept once we had ventured through “The Secret”. It was the only way to retain memories of the past once we had step through. Gianni speaks softly “What if this doesn’t work! What if we just believe that everything we see in our dreams is just a dream.” His eyes were wide and I could see his hands shaking. I grabbed him closely and said ” I love you brother. But we are well beyond the point before we destroy our own selves. We have no other choice.” We take another step. The thing about “The secret” is we didn’t know what time point it would bring us to and where the others would be at the time. All we knew is that it was what Roe used to destroy the world we know and love. We’d be completely lost, With no recollection of the past. Only of the future and what we must do. We took another step forward. Moon’s speaks “Alright boys this is it. This is our one chance to save what we took away from ourselves. Remember the plan. If anyone goes down remember. We will have one more chance, within each other .” It was scary to think if we all went down and no one was able to inform the world of the powers of “The Secret”. Life itself would never make it. It was a suicide mission. If one of us died we would be erased from history. We had nothing left, Nothing to lose, and peace was what we wanted to gain. For the world to be whole once more. To be united under one nation is what we wanted to fight for. We step through.

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