Dialogue Scene: Hidden Pain


As she finishes folding her last load of laundry, she attempts to set the laundry down in front of her daughter’s door. (Having the idea her daughter has locked her room again) As she places the laundry down, the door creeks open. She enters her daughter’s room and finds some pills set on the desk. Curious as she is the mom recognizes the prescription. She realized her daughter has been taking Opioid. For what reason she doesn’t know.

(Holding the pills in her hands)

[Mom] “Tell me what situation is making you act this way.”

(Surprised her mom found her pills, rips off her headphones)

[Daughter] “You were in my room? Yells loudly”

[Mom] “Don’t try using that American culture in my house now young lady! You and I are going to have a serious conversation.

[Daughter] You never listen mom! Why does it even matter?”

[Mom] “It matters because you’re my daughter and I will not let you destroy your future because of one thing.”

[Daughter] “It’s not just one thing, that’s what you don’t understand mom! It’s my life; you don’t know what goes on in my life. You never worry about my life you just worry about your new marriage.”

(Daughter attempts to exit living room)

[Mom]  “Now young lady you take a seat right now for this conversation isn’t over until I say it’s over!”

(Daughter turns around surprised at her mother’s tone and sits back down.)

[Mom]  “Now I know life is hard and has many ups and downs. You might feel I only care about my marriage, but my marriage is the reason why you have all these positive opportunities! I have sacrificed my own joy, my own life to give you the very best.  My question to you is why are you taking these pills! What will these pills do for you once you’re sick? Once you overdose? These pills are temporally relief! Do you know that?  What will you do when you lose everything you have because of them? Will they help you gain back happiness? Friendships? Love? Will they?

[Daughter] “I hate this place mom. I hate every inch of this house, the people, this life, it isn’t something I want. You might think you did this for me, but the only reason you did this was for yourself. You’re selfish and that’s what you’ll always be.

(Mother smacks daughter across the face, daughter looks at mother with anger)

(Daughters tone is now firm)

[Daughter] I take these pills because it gets me away from a world my mother has placed me in. Not to improve my life but to improve hers, and show her friends that she too can find a richly rich husband who comes late from work, goes straight to his studio and lives in his own world. A man who doesn’t pay attention to her but comes to my room late at night. Now tell me what kind mother wouldn’t be able to see that!

(The room becomes silent. Mom is still, with shock, while tears developing)

[Daughter] Never ask a question if you can’t handle the answer.

(Daughter exits room)


“You’ll be okay! Nothing is ever that bad. Trust me… 72 hours. 3 sleeps can fix almost anything.”

As we are faced with many difficulties in our lives, we often choose certain remedies to numb the pain we may feel. It is wrong yes, but at the moment it doesn’t feel wrong. One can ask what’s so wrong about being buzzed. We may often be so upset or just want to be in-tuned with ourselves or even distract our minds. Some of us do that by smoking weed in order to feel that calmness, or drink alcohol to just feel that buzz. Some are even in so much pain they take any form of pills in order to ease that pain. At the moment we do those things we might not think is harmful but later down the road it is. We always hear our parents, teachers, police, talk about “Don’t do drugs, Drugs are bad” But they themselves are either alcoholics or addicted to some sort of remedy that relieves their pain for a moment too. The only thing I can say about this matter is to express yourself. Self expression is the most important thing to do. Think about it, we drink till we are  buzzed because we’re upset or we are feeling some type of way. But what comes after drinking? … That stomach ache, and you can’t forget that famous run to the bathroom. If we get high, yeah we may feel good, but that same pain you felt within prior from smoking  and drinking will still be there once your remedy rares off. So… the best thing to do is just acknowledge whatever’s going on in your life. Accept it and move on. Stop focusing on changing only to be liked and just realize change comes on its own. Little by little you will  keep reaching every level you’re meant to reach. Change doesn’t come to those who just sit around, but what I mean about stop focusing on change is just realize and accept the starting point you are at right now. We all have things we need to fix in ourselves but this only happens when we truly recognize and just go about being ourselves and accepting those certain things we may not like within us. After we do that the change will happen because you have finally caught and recognized that certain thing that is holding you back. Do things for yourself and not for others. Don’t let pain bring you into the state of needing some sort of remedy to distract you from really connecting to what’s really going on in your life. Pain is necessary for self evolution. Alcohol, weed, pills, etc are just a pain distraction for a few minutes, or hours. Control your pain don’t let it control you. One thing that Drake said that has always been on my mind is this quote “You’ll be okay! Nothing is ever that bad. Trust me… 72 hours. 3 sleeps can fix almost anything.” Believe that!



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