One Crazy Night Of College Basket Ball

Last night (April 4th) was one of the craziest nights in sports that I have ever witnessed with my own two eyes. Outside of the 2013 Auburn vs Alabama Iron Bowl matchup no college game has ever had a crazier ending that what I had just witnessed in my young lifetime. In order to make sense of all of this I decided to go back and chronicle all of the emotions I felt as the final 30 seconds of the game unfolded, and the ensuing chaos that followed it.

11:26pm: *heavy breathing*
“Oh man oh man oh man come on North Carolina. You guys can do this come on help ya boy out come on now.”
jr smith
lil b
11:27pm: “We got this yo, WE GOT THIS SON. BUH LEE DAT PLAYBOY!”
11:28.01pm: “Aight just don’t give up any open shots it’s fine they aint finna choke.”
11:28.04pm: “No”
11:28.05pm: “Stop”
11:28.06pm: “Pls”
11:28.06.5pm: “Halp”
11:28.09pm: “……………………..”
11:28.30pm: “DID”
11:28.31pm: “THIS”
11:28.31pm: “MAN”
11:28.32pm: “JUST”
11:28.33pm: “DID”
11:28.34pm: “THIS?!?!?!??!”
11:29pm: AmazedBottleGlassesBigEyes
11:30pm: “Of course the team I was rooting for would lose, this tourney has been nothing but trash upon trash.”
Cd8rIMAUMAEHBEW.jpg large
11:31pm: “MEMES! The memes that are about to burst onto my Twitter feed, I don’t think I’m mentally prepared for this.”
11:32pm: “It. Has. Begun.”
piccolo jordan

team jordan


ring jordan



11:55pm: “The Mr. Krabs meme might be the newest meme that will be immortalized by Twitter. Not to the crying meme level, nothing will be able to ever touch that level of greatness. But the Mr. Krabs meme is the Draymond Green of memes, it’s versatile and could be plugged into all scenarios. It is by far the greatest thing to ever come out of Kid Cudi’s career. The spiral effect was taken from his last album cover, and it surpasses anything he gave us musically.”
11:57pm: “MORE MEMES!”




CfP-XIhUEAEdQpx.jpg large

CfQA2JPWQAA8Qak.jpg large

12:02pm: “NEW SCHOOLBOY Q!”
12:03pm: “Q is one of the last rappers who was heavily influenced by 50 Cent. He said he is the reason why he got into rapping in the first place. It’s easy to see the influence that Get Rich or Die Tryin had on Oxymoron. Schoolboy Q makes me want to rob a gas station every time I spin his songs.”
*After two more hours of overdosing on Crying memes and overall Internet hilarity*

2:15am: “Damn, today was a good day.”


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