Stephan Curry To Drop A Mixtape In light of the 73-9 Record

In light of the 73-9 Record set by the Golden State Warriors, stephan curry decides to drop album called “Automatic”.

Stephan Curry

Congratulations to the Golden State Warriors on an amazing win !

  • 1. The OracleFire
  • 2. It ain’t hard to shoot
  • 3. 3pt state of mind
  • 4. Life’s a bitch(for err body else not us)
  • 5. Halftime (up by 20)
  • 6. Set the pick (represent)
  • 7. One shot from Draymond
  • 8. Driving the lane(with Klay sitting the corner)
  • 9. One ring ft. q-tip
  • 10. The court is yours.


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