Too Much: [On my Mind]

Too Much:  [On my Mind]


It was Maxwell and the feeling that Summer gave.  It was as if I was able to feel something deep within me connect with his soul but also understand his mind. I fell in love with every breath he took while his lips laid on my neck. Not only did I love the feeling but It was that night we sat at Ninety Nine. While hearing him speak, I couldn’t help but be mesmerized with the way I saw myself through him: strong, passionate, ambitious, romantic, lost… With every moral and value he spoke on, it felt as if it registered and turned on a light within me that has been shut off by those who were intimidated by those same words I would speak. It was like he had a copy of my mind laying wide open like a map visiting every abandoned island, encountering, yet connecting with every depth he chose to explore. I wish I could but I can forget the night I met Zayn and Malik. It changed my life. Those endless nights and love triangles I mistakenly had… Oh how can I forget walking down the sandy beach, seeing the sunset over the horizon, wishing I could come back and see it with him…  I can’t choose my favorite memory but I do remember going on my first roller coaster ride, screaming so loud I lost my voice the next day. Man… Summer 2015 how amazing and questionable were you to me.

Still, I  remember that peacock at Kimball Farm Spreading his wings showing all his beauty. Oh how about that night full of life with Henny in my system while watching Enigma perform.. Those late night car rides parked at the esplanade while having him with me. How about that crazy night thanks to Tequila and that dress. Oh how beautiful did I look that night. No, I suppose it was that late night, at the art house, where I saw him wearing all white… How could I forget that night wearing my all white Nike sneakers; hair slicked and hearing him call out, “90s baby…” [On my mind…] It had to be a memory of that summer in which I can choose for this paper…


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