Should I just give up

What’s really up?

I try my best but it seems I’m always put to the test

As soon i send my request it’s like they’re not impressed

It’s not me it’s them

They can’t see my vision that’s why they always make the wrong decision

They’ll always try to kill your motivation but they’re the ones who really lack inspiration.

Revisions have taken my time as I forget about the summertime

I can’t become a slave to denial

And let my mind keep putting me on trial

Who says I don’t have talent- Man recognize I’m a gallant.

So hell with your no’s because soon you’ll wish you had my portfolio.

ye 2

Why allow an institution or those in charge kill your dream? Why would you let the feeling of failing take over your life and change your vision. If anything you should use that as a greater motivation to continue. Look at your art, your song. anything that is close to your heart… are you missing something ? Do you want to add something else? Do you need to tweak it?  If not, leave it how it is and find someone who will believe in your originality. When I graduated high school, I got denied from all the top schools I wanted to go to. My grades weren’t so good but did I let that stop me? I wanted the college experience but just because I couldn’t get it right away, who said I didn’t deserve it or wouldn’t get it? I went to a community college and for the first time I actually reached a 3.2 GPA. From there I got accepted to a great University and now I am living in school writing and pursuing my dreams. If I would’ve given the power to those colleges who denied my application to determine how I should feel about myself I would of dropped out of school and I wouldn’t know what hope really meant. So hell to those who said no to you, it just means the person who’s waiting to appreciate your art is still out there waiting to get inspired and help you get the success you are meant to have. We all have blessings that are meant for us, believe it and keep making it happen. A no doesn’t mean to stop it means to continue and go harder! If you failed at something it’s not because you’re not good or worthy or even talented, it just means that path you tried to take wasn’t the right one. So take the same path just make a different turn or change the path and take a new one. If you keep failing, keep taking different turns what is meant for you will always be there. God takes care of us. Meaning if you want to take a path and its not good for you sometimes he won’t let it happen. He will open the doors that are meant to be open for you. Now I like someone who has my back like that. Believe in yourself.  Everything is a learning experience.  Try again!


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