Despicable Me 3 x Medicom Toy Bearbrick Details

Despicable Me 3 x Medicom Toy Bearbrick Details

A year after Despicable Me 3 secured its series’ spot as the highest-grossing animated franchise ever, Medicom Toy has introduced a lean line of new [email protected] based on the popular “minion” characters.
Notably, Medicom Toy has created two new [email protected] for its Despicable Me 3 collaboration: an option with a light blue outfit, and a model with black and white on. The items are available in 1000% sizing.
You can take a look at Medicom Toy’s new Despicable Me 3 [email protected] above, and pick up your own at the manufacturer’s official website.
For more, take a closer look at Ryan McGinness’ “Warhol Flower Icons” [email protected]

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