Devin Troy x Case Studyo “Color in the Night” Lamp

Devin Troy x Case Studyo

Artist Devin Troy has teamed up with Case Studyo on a politically acute “Colour in the Night” lamp. The piece was designed “to explore race in America and addresses its pitfalls through intricate visual compositions and alternate narratives.”
Depicting a cartoonish black ghost holding a candle, the main idea behind the lamp was to play on the derogatory slur that black people’s darker skin tone blends into the darkness of the night, seeing only the whites of their eyes visible, thus resembling a ghost. The racially charged image dates back post U.S. Civil War period, which also inspired the ghostly uniforms of the Ku Klux Klan. From the Studyo, “The history of ghosts and race goes even deeper; ‘Spook’ (derived from the Dutch word for ghost or apparition) was a disparaging term for black people used in the 1940s.”
The black porcelain glazed lamp stands at 28cm tall and comes with a custom made screen-printed box. Limited to just 100 pieces, each unit them comes with a special photo book. Head over to casestudyo.com for more details.
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