Anderson Cabral or GrandCruu drops the mic with one of the hottest albums out of boston!

Anderson Cabral

1. Would you rather drop a Rebecca black it’s Friday single or have a viral meme of you dancing naked in downtown Boston sweep the internet ?

I’ll take the viral meme forreal tho !!!

2. What is the focus of your album? What are you trying to show the world through your music ?
The focus of this project is to express my story through the vibrations of my work. i believe vibrations are strong. You can sit in a room of angry people and FEEL the vibes. I want people to be able to listen to this project and capture the emotion of my different struggles and victories the past 3 years
3. If you could get signed by any music industry who would it be ?
I definitely want to get a deal with GOODMusic or Hitboy’s HS87. I feel like being associated with them on the production side is a good look PLUS they go hard .
4. What was your favorite song from the album and why ?
My favorite track on “CRUUSADES” would have to be “My God’ because it is a sonic reflection the spiritual growth i went through after a numerous amount of obstacles that could break a man. As simple as the track is, it can affect you a lot through the vibes.
5. Where would you like to see yourself in 5 years ?
In 5 years, hopefully in a private studio somewhere working on a Grammy nominated masterpiece or In a 3rd world country building neighborhoods while i play a grammy award winning album. That’d be dope
6. If you got two hundred fifty thousand dollars tomorrow what would you use your funds for to progress your music to the next level?

If i got $250,000, I would definitely just invest in dope videos & definately marketing. Nowadays talent isn’t really recognized. A Lot of the people that could be great dont have the resources to get exposure. I would also tithe regularly. God given talent and God given wealth should be reinvested into his word. Have you ever had a hot-dog? … with mayonnaise???

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