Foster + Partners “The Tulip” Attraction London

Foster + Partners

Leading architecture firm Foster + Partners just revealed plans to construct a 1,000-foot tower in London called “The Tulip.” Described as “a new public cultural and tourist attraction,” the skyscraper will feature a range of unique experiences including sprawling viewing galleries, gondola pod rides on the building’s facade, sky bridges, a “pocket park,” and an accessible rooftop garden. Furthermore, the potential establishment will boast “a classroom in the sky” that offers 20,000 free places for London’s state school children, as per the company in a statement.
The structure of The Tulip is also eco-friendly as its “soft bud-like form and minimal building footprint reflects its reduced resource use, with high-performance glass and optimized building systems reducing its energy consumption,” said F+P. “Heating and cooling are provided by zero combustion technology while integrated photovoltaic cells generate energy on site.”
Take a visual tour of the proposed tower above and then head over to Foster + Partner’s website to learn more. Elsewhere in architecture, check out this $3 million USD doomsday bunker in the United States.

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