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Google Tilt Brush brings painting to a whole new dimension

Google Tilt Brush brings painting to a whole new dimensionTilt Brush

Virtual reality (VR) is a futuristic dream that has now been achieved, and is even available to the public. Gaming is one of the most obvious uses for this technology, but people are finding new applications for it every day. Currently it is used in a variety of fields, from medicine, where it is used for surgical simulations, to the military, where it is used for combat training. With its new Tilt Brush, Google has opened up a whole new realm for VR technology: art.

Tilt Brush

Tilt Brush is an app for the HTC Vive VR headset that allows the artist to paint in three dimensions. In other words, it literally adds a whole new dimension to the world of painting and drawing. Tilt Brush offers all kinds of new possibilities for artists. The most obvious feature is that is allows them to use entire rooms for their work when they were previously limited to two-dimensional canvases. However, it also has revolutionary capabilities that give artists the option of painting in impossible mediums, such as stars and fire, or even fabrics like denim or leather.

Tilt Brush

This last feature has the potential to significantly alter the fashion industry, since it gives designers the opportunity to paint full life-size models of their designs. Unlike sketches on paper, these designs could be viewed and manipulated from all angles. Outside of fashion, it has applications for changing museum and gallery spaces. Artists who have traditionally worked in two dimensions can now create and share full three dimensional exhibits. This could completely alter the way people interact with art exhibits because they would not just be observing the art, they would be entirely immersed in it. The virtual world is not limited by the constraints of the physical world, which means the possibility for innovation is as boundless as the artist’s creativity.


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