GreenSpur Lost Whiskey Concrete Cabin Info

GreenSpur Lost Whiskey Concrete Cabin Info

GreenSpur recently unveiled its compact getaway home the “Lost Whiskey Concrete Cabin.” Located just one hour away from Washington DC, the cabin sits along the Appalachian Trail and offers upan amazing view that overlooks 50 acres of protected public land.
As GreenSpur explains, “It’s about architecture, it’s about the art of gathering, it’s about turning our phones off, making a fire, pouring a drink and reconnecting with the simpler and more important things in life.” This 160 sq-ft cabin does just that — leaving the guests in complete solitude so that they can focus on the more important things in life.
The cabin features pre-fab concrete construction joined with iron beams, LED lighting, a gas stove, skink, a flip-up bed that converts into a table, and a wood-burning stove. What’s most interesting is on the outside, where the glass doors open to reveal a concrete platform that is complete with firepit, wood-fired hot tub, and a hammock that extends over a cliff. The GreenSpur “Lost Whiskey Concrete Cabin” let’s nature make up for its small size, as the view from the platform reaffirm the adage that the best things in life are free.
Head on over to GreenSpur’s website to take a look at their other breathtaking designs.
In other design news, AirBnb will begin designing houses in 2019.

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