IF House by Martins Lucena Arquitetos in Brazil

IF House by Martins Lucena Arquitetos in Brazil

Created by Martins Lucena Arquitetos, the IF house is based in Ponta Negra and was created in 2018. The 420.38 sq meter space is located in a residential condominium and is designed for a couple with two children. The idea for the space was to stand out, as seen by exterior of the building. But the owners also wanted the space to be able to deal with the climate conditions.
A three floor building, the ground floor consists of the kitchen, guest room and social area, with a recreation area and pool placed outside. You can take a look through the space in the gallery above.
In other news, Moshe Safdie’s unit at Habitat 67 was recently restored for its 50th anniversary.

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