Interview With South Korean Artist Stickymonger

Interview With South Korean Artist Stickymonger

“My parents didn’t consider doodling cartoons as a serious future job or goal.”Where did you get the name Stickymonger?I got that name because I was so obsessed with making artworks with stickers. My first solo show was in 2014 at the Bunnycutlet Gallery in Brooklyn, NY, and I made a huge installation using only black vinyl. In June 2015, I started to do acrylic painting. I combined it with my vinyl installations to convert places into my own imaginative world. On top of that, I started to create sellable pieces.When did you begin to develop a passion for art?I grew up in a really suburban city in South Korea. My father has been running a gas station for over 40 years and as a kid, I would just hang out there among all the oil barrels and imagine fun situations. I was a big fan of animation and that got me interested to create my own doodles and paintings. I didn’t have a lot of friends back then and I would just pass time reading a bunch of cartoon books. Like every Korean or Asian parent, mine wanted me to be a doctor or lawyer. My parents didn’t consider doodling cartoons as a serious future job or goal. But as I grew up, I kept bothering them about it. I told my mom, “Mom, I want to go to art school, and do design. Surprisingly, she said “Okay.” And then I was like, “Oh, that was easy.” Now, my parents are super supportive and they just let me do whatever I want.Did you attend art/design school in Korea?Yes, Ewha Woman’s University in Seoul. I messed around with multi-media art and experimental animation because I was a fan of MTV station ID. That channel showed cool short clips and I was really into those kind of things. Creating animations was totally eating up my life so I told myself that I need to focus on more serious art stuff. After I graduated, I was an exchange student in New York City.

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