Javier Calleja “Fuck You” Artist BEARBRICK

Javier Calleja

Medicom Toy‘s latest [email protected] is with artist Javier Calleja, and features his well-known characters donning a fairly rude T-shirt.
The figure, which departs from the common image of a “bear” for [email protected], is that of Calleja’s child-like paintings. While this iteration is cute and playful, the T-shirt worn dons “FUCK” and “YOU” writing on the front and back respectively in red lettering. The figure comes in dual-sizes — 100% and 400% — as a set for a limited time only.
Purchase the Javier Calleja “Fuck You” Medicom Toy [email protected] set for 12,000円 (approx. $105 USD) at e-comm sites like Rakuten on November 24. If you’re looking for something a bit more luxurious, check out the fragment design x Baccarat hand-blown crystal [email protected]

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