Jean-Michel Hid Secret Drawings with Uv Paint

New York-based conservator Emily Macdonald-Korth recently found Jean-Michel Basquiat‘s secret drawings after being tasked to authenticate and examine a private owner’s Untitled 1981 painting by the late iconic artist. In her investigation, Macdonald-Korth found the concealed sketches that were drawn by Basquiat ostensibly with UV paint. The never-before-seen drawings portray a series of arrows that are pointing down. According to Artnet, this isn’t the first time Basquiat used fluorescent UV materials in his works. The publication noted that Sotheby’s London uncovered a hidden signature by Basquiat on his painting entitled Orange Sports Figure from 1982.
Following the discovery, Macdonald-Korth suggested: “Anyone who owns a Basquiat should get a long-wave UV flashlight. They’re compact little flashlights. You can get one Amazon,” she said to Arnet. “It’s so exciting to see something that’s literally invisible that the artist pu t there on purpose, completely intentionally.”
Head over to Arnet’s website to learn more about the rare finding. Elsewhere, take a look at this week’s best art drops.

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