Jules Joseph The Chronicles of a Dancer From Boston to L.A

10176184_10152002169080009_6616677624755614301_nFrom an early age, I was always filled with energy, running around my house and causing all sorts of trouble. One day, my aunt told my mom that she was going to send me to dance classes with my sister and cousins at The Gold School, which was conveniently down the street. The Gold School is one of the best dance studios in the U.S. So I started dancing at the age of 5, I did not really enjoy it at first because it required discipline and focus. I can assure you paying attention was the last thing on my mind. I took ballet, tap, and jazz. I was a late bloomer for sure, but I am very thankful that my teachers always pushed me and saw things I could not see yet. After 5 years of recreational dance classes somehow the kid who lived down the street was on the competition team. Joining The Gold School competition team was a new world for me, I was challenged at all times. I was challenged physically to become a better dancer and mentally to become a respectable young man. Although I must admit, I still was not too serious about it. It was not that I did not like it I was simply afraid to put my all into something because of the fear failure. I was now 15 years old and a freshman in high school, making bad decisions left to right. Overwhelmed by freedom and new responsibilities. Dance became my way out.

The summer going into my sophomore year I had a moment that I realized I had to make a change for the better. My parents were disappointed in my actions as well as my teachers and most importantly I was disappointed in myself. So I began to dig myself out of the hole I had dug. Small changes that led me to achieve bigger goals. Doing my homework/studying before dance so I would not have to stay up past midnight. Paying as much attention as possible to my dance instructors. Respecting everyone no matter what. Soon the small changes I had made were translating into success. Sophomore year was over, all of a sudden it was time to think about college! I spent junior and senior year continuing to climb out of the hole I had fallen into during my freshman year. I applied to The Ailey School in Manhattan for Dance and got accepted. I spent a year at the Ailey School studying rigorously trying to master my craft. Perfect is the goal, but it will never be achieved, it is a great game I must admit. At the Ailey School, I was exposed to many different things but the one thing that helped the must was being able to learn from my peers. The school was filled with beautiful dancers and it was so helpful to just watch and learn. I learn the best from watching and observing. After my first year at The Ailey School, I attended  The Hubbard Street Summer Intensive. This intensive truly changed my life and my outlook on dance for the better. I had the opportunity to learn from the directors and dancers in Hubbard Street Dance Chicago. As I said before I learn best from watching so every day of the summer intensive my eyes were just focused on everything that was going on in the room and being very aware. At the Hubbard Street intensive of course, we were chasing perfection but we also celebrated the love we had for the art of dance. Fast forward to the last day of the intensive. I was asked to join the second company as an apprentice! As an apprentice, my job was to understudy all the role’s and continue to work on my craft. I enjoyed watching the dancers of the second company not only because they were extremely talented but because of who they were and what they stood for/represented.

As the year went on I became injured in my lower back area. I had a herniated Disc in my L5S1 and I was scared for my life. I tried to fight through it, but the pain was truly unbearable.  I began taking physical therapy which at first worked but after 6 months of therapy I had no choice to undergo a lumbar microdiscectomy. I was out for three months no dancing, however, I was still promoted to Hubbard Street 2, my first professional job. In Hubbard Street 2, I was challenged every day by my directors to always provide authentic movement. I was blessed to be in the company of such amazing dancers, every day was a treat. We learned Choreography from Talented  choreographers and performed it in the US and Europe. It was a dream come true, performing on stage is what makes it all worth it. Performing breathes life into my soul. Aside from performing my favorite thing about Hubbard Street 2 is when we would create movement amongst the dancers from improv or tasked based work. Some of the best dancing happens in the studio and its treasure for us because it is all ours. It binds us together. After Finishing with Hubbard Street 2, I now begin my journey in a new city, Los Angeles11666108_10204615889137463_310337135997348466_n 532925_10153097257367481_829276674758160062_nJules Social:

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