Kathryn Andrews “Candy Butchers” Simon Lee HK

Kathryn Andrews

LA-based artist Kathryn Andrews launched a new solo exhibition at Simon Lee Gallery‘s Hong Kong output. Entitled “Candy Butchers,” the show features vivid wall-based sculptures alongside an installation across one floor. Andrews is recognized for her “visual contradictions of Pop Art and Minimalism,” explained the gallery. This merge of the two distinct genres offer “playful combinations that are both optically and conceptually rich,” Simon Lee Gallery adds.
View the artworks above and head over to Simon Lee Gallery’s website to learn more. “Candy Butchers” is on view until October 26. For more art shows, check out Olafur Eliasson’s new LA exhibition entitled “The speed of your attention.”
Simon Lee Gallery Hong Kong
12 Pedder Street
The Pedder Building, 304, 3F
Hong Kong

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