"Kino House" Is a Next-Level Woodland Cabin

"Kino House" Is a Next-Level Woodland Cabin

Hidden by age-old pines, Le Atelier’s “Kino House” is a true getaway. Intended to be a private residence for a young family, the Russian home was designed to intelligently blend into the surrounding woodsy hillside. Segregated wood planks create an organic, textural facade, with muted neutral tones that inform the interior’s understated black accents. Large windows allow for a full view of the expansive natural scenery, offering a cozy contrast between the living room’s fireplace and chilly environment. Hallways extend outside to further encourage unity between the occupants and the outdoors, with several balconies laden with chairs and handrails.
Check out key features of the beautiful domicile above.
Elsewhere, South Africa’s Kloof 119A house showcases similar environmental adaptation.Click here to view full gallery at HYPEBEAST

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