Livinghomes by Yves Béhar in Los Angeles

Livinghomes by Yves Béhar in Los Angeles

Yves Béhar has joined forces with Plant Prefab to create a series of sustainable homes, called LivingHome YB1. It will be officially unveiled at Los Angeles’ Summit festival and is designed to increase urban density while limiting environmental impact. The structures will also be made with accessibility and liability in mind, being called ADUs, Accessory Dwelling Units.
The ADUs are “tiny homes,” designed to fix the housing demand issue while also combating rising costs. The other home on show is the YB1, which is created from a system made to accomodate different roof lines, window layouts and various interior requirements. The aim is to create a home which is easily scalable depending on the demands and needs of the users. Take a look at the gallery to see the space for yourself.
In other news, Badung is home to the unique EH house.

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