Donovan Livingston’s All Inclusive Effort

Donovan Livingston’s all inclusive effort


Livingston, as a black African- American male, graduated from Harvard, one of the  nation’s most prestigious IVY League schools. African Americans, have progressively taken advantage of the education system and have used it as a tool to succeed. I assume that most if not all minority groups have struggled in some aspect of American culture. Yet more often than not, minorities complain about the education system.

To some individuals, Livingston’s spoken word ‘Lift Off’, is cliche. Here, we have another African American speaking on his struggles to achieve an education in a system that does not care if you succeed or not. If you are to skim through the poem and  stare at his video without paying attention, then it would make sense to critique his poem as cliche. However, Donovan Livingston, is not just an African American success story- he is a success story to thousands and more. His poem certainly defends 

What stood out to me more than anything was Livingston’s sense of altruism. Even though the poem begins with focus on his early education career, Livingston understood that his educational journey was common to all students. In his journey, he also began to see He says “Today, when I look my students in the eyes, all I see are constellations. If you take the time to connect the dots, You can plot the true shape of their genius– Shining in their darkest hour. I look each of my students in the eyes, And see the same light that aligned Orion’s Belt and the pyramids of Giza”. Livingston’s vision is necessary for the education system in place today, which has become blinded to its origin of success- the students.

I am sure people’s opinions have severed their way through online forums and social media posts on  Livingston’s poem. But, nothing can beat, how powerful Livingston’s words are to the African American, educational community and the students. His poem will remain an educational emblem, and certainly a reminder that every student regardless of race, color, disability, or religion every student has a right to education.

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