Low Bros’ “98 Windows” Exhibition Looks at the Consequences of Technology

Low Bros'

German artist duo Low Bros will soon open their new solo exhibition titled “98 Windows” at the Mirus Gallery in San Francisco, California. The presentation will spotlight mixed media artworks that aim to explore the consequences of technology in today’s society. The artists are widely-recognized for injecting retro-futuristic motifs, abstract shapes, and dynamic forms in their pieces. “98 Windows is a body of work acknowledging our very deep attachment to technology and the freedom it proposes,” said the artists in a statement.

Preview works from the upcoming show above and look out for “98 Windows” to launch on April 12 up until May 12.

In other art news, Jeff Koons’ Gazing Ball artwork on display in Amsterdam was recently destroyed by a random visitor.

Mirus Gallery
540 Howard Street, 3rd Fl
San Francisco, CA 94105

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