M.A.D.Gallery Launches a Retro Robotic Exhibition in Geneva

Following up on very last year’s Viva la Robolución exhibition, M.A.D.Gallery — the artistic wing of Geneva-dependent horologists MB&F — is now exhibiting a retro-tinged selection of robot sculptures that are all out there to invest in. With nods to samurai outfits and the uniforms of cult displays such as Battlestar Galactica, Hervé Stadelmann has developed 16 robots that stand a very little over 2 ft tall to precision watchmaking benchmarks with the resourceful system for each requiring ~22 square ft of sheet steel and 80 several hours.

The 16 robots on exhibit are out there for 2,450 CHF ($2,450 USD) every. For extra details visit the M.A.D.Gallery website here.

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