Medicom Toy ‘Sesame Street’ [email protected]

Medicom Toy 'Sesame Street' BE@RBRICKs

Following the Japanese toy maker’s first [email protected] collaboration with Ryan McGinness, Medicom Toy has released three new Sesame Street-inspired products.
Two 100% and 400% Bert and Ernie [email protected] are slated to launch alongside a 1000% Cookie Monster piece next week. Bert and Ernie will fetch for ¥12,000 JPY (approximately $109 USD) while Cookie Monster will run buyers ¥37,000 (approximately $333 USD).
Although these won’t ship until the end of the year, you can pre-order these collectibles now until September 10 on sites like Rakuten.
In other news, Medicom Toy released anniversary edition Space Jam collectibles.

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