Mindfulness of Serenity In Poetry

Mindfulness of Serenity In Poetry



Poetry is like listening to a harmony that brings peace to the mind and soul. It is an outlet to express what is really kept inside. Everyone expresses themselves in different ways and one of those ways is through poetry. To be able to form words and phrases with how one is feeling can be moving. Seeing someone on a stage, on a street corner; expressing themselves with so much passion is what brings influence and is a private guide to those who listen. They’re not just speaking, but they are sharing insight to what their eyes capture. Poetry is what we call an art. It is a new form of being a revolutionist through spoken words and short stories. The talent of a poet is magnificent. The way they use a news story, a life situation, a beautiful moment, or a memory and turn it into an art of words flowing with their own style of speaking is an artistic talent. When you listen to a poem or even read a poem, imagine yourself unlocking a treasure box filled with different types of treasures. Every poem holds a message that can make an impact towards an individual’s life. Those who read and listen are able to unlock their own sense of meaning to what they are reading or listening too. Poetry shows the poets emotions whether they are dark, raw, vivid, imaginative or heartfelt. It is a unique way of letting go what is inside and making it beautiful with expressing it the way the heart desires too. Every poem is a great poem because a voice has spoken. Every voice that speaks and expresses  its self does not show weakness but exhibits leadership.

Here below is one of my favorite poems written by Christine Read from Lawrence MA. If you’d like to share any of your art work whether its music, poetry, stories, videos, etc;  send them to me at [email protected]



Our love is like the ocean

deep, devastating,

harsh and aggressive.

But this love is also

Alluring and calming.

And yes our love

dies down as the days dim,

and the seasons turn bitter.

So the only reminder I have of you

are the songs you used to play,

and the words you used to say.

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