Mona Lisa: Hidden portraits Raises Questions Worldwide

Mona Lisa Hidden portraits Raises Questions Worldwide

Among the very most well-known works of art ever, the Mona Lisa, may have more than one portraits that are concealed underneath. French scientist Pascal Cotte says he found the concealed portraits utilizing a fresh technique called Layer Amplification Method.

The process includes a multispectral camera projecting extreme lights to the painting while quantifying the reflections, helping look for what occurred between the paint layers.
“The results shatter many myths and alter our vision of Leonardo’s masterpiece forever.”

Cotte considers among the concealed portraits is the specific painting of Lisa del Giocondo, the girl believed to be shown in the Mona Lisa.Art historian Andrew Graham-Dixon, who made a BBC documentary concerning the discovery, says the discovery will alter history.

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“The Louvre are going to have to change their label.” “It’s jaw-dropping,” he told CNN.

The museum declined to comment find to the BBC, although not everyone is on board.The documentary will air on December 9 on BBC Two.