OPEN Architecture & Xiaomi MARS Case Home

OPEN Architecture & Xiaomi MARS Case Home

OPEN Architecture and Chinese tech giant Xiaomi have teamed up to unveil the MARS Case housing prototype, a compact, self-sustaining module inspired by what living on Mars would entail. The 2.4 square-meter housing pod was presented outside the Bird’s Nest National Stadium in Beijing as part of the cross-industry project known as House Vision.
Designed to strip down excessive consumption to the minimal essentials, MARS Case is a space of self-circulating energy and zero waste that recycles heat, exhaust, condensation and other byproducts into an integrated ecosystem. All of the service components are foldable and storable for easy transportation, while Xiaomi’s current product lines provide wireless smartphone connection so that users can integrate these separate electronic appliances into one synthesized platform.
Check out the MARS Case housing prototype above and head over to OPEN Architecture’s website to learn more about the project.
In other architecture news, MUJI designed micro-apartments for urban dwellers.

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