PNEUHAUS Goes Big With ‘Atmosphere’ Installation

PNEUHAUS Goes Big With 'Atmosphere' Installation

PNEUHAUS’ inflatable Atmosphere offers guests an experience unlike anything else. The creation ensnares the maximum amount of sunlight possible, thanks to its angled, cone-like shape. Created with layers of hexagons, heptagons and pentagons welded together with clear PVC, the panels let in a specific, small amount of light, which travels inside and mixes with fog to create a stunning array of near-physical shafts of light. As the day progresses, the light beams shift, following the sun’s arc throughout the sky and ensuring a dynamic, ever-changing lightshow.

Atmosphere is currently on display in Missouri.

Elsewhere in the world of design, a series of high-end dog kennels from top designers like Zaha Hadid are currently on sale to support an animal shelter charity.

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