Rare Norm Poetry Presents : How I Feel In The Night Time

The song I hear as my head lays on your chest.

A beautiful tune as my hands gently caress your luscious breast.tmr291_550_front

Your beautiful ravishing skin makes me want to bite into you and never give in.

I look deep into your eyes and I see my life story, next to you I have no worries.

My first real love I will put nobody above, your as pure as the white dove.

Your smile as bright as the morning sun being with you I feel like I have won.

When your lips touch mines I’m always on cloud nine floating through the air feeling like I’m once again in my prime.

Our love is of its own designs you are the definition of beauty divine.

Your blood flows through my veins so I feel your pain we are one in the same.scale

Our loving making is like the ocean mostly gentle motion, and often rough commotion.

Our bond is so strong because we both can admit our wrongs giving us the strength to move on.

My soul mate, my other half, my one day wife I would give up my life for you and not even think twice.

– The Poet Mo

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