Rare Norm Poetry Presents : You

The greatest success for me was YOU. My greatest failure was believing in the tools, used to fix us into two. Call me a fool, blinded by a beauty left used, crumbling through the soil you’d become a muse, to amuse the ones you said would love the new YOU. But I loved YOU, I was a mule left to carry the burdens of what you left me with for Larry. I rarely complained or talked about self gain. For the pain you felt, made me regain the feeling of being ashamed of the fame. YOU had cursed me with insecurities, left UN fixable.I asked myself “Why was I so lame?”. Little did I know I was not lame, but an attempt for you to tame a beast, that would hold a reign of a thousand blames left by YOU. YOU took my soul and split it into two. Both left in a pool of what you already had misused. YOU viewed me so small, as I viewed you so tall. Left on a pedestal, my eyes thought they had seen them all. But Thank YOU, for I had no clue that one day I’d place a women so high and lose view. Now i’m used, once a tool, no thanks to a fool left face down in a pool.cool-black in life in a box

Rain from Davide Roveri on Vimeo.

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