Rare Norm Poetry: Two Stars

writeYou are genuinely amazing, with a drive for success that will plant you in a position to be compared to the best and among the rest everyone will know of your progress. You’ve found yourself a sun that will forever light your sky. You’ll both fly around the world and love each other endlessly as time flies by. I’ll miss you forever, because your like the largest piece of a pie. You have turned into the person everyone look’s up to for advice. Even though I would never ask you for it, I’m sure it’d be more then right. You have a love so profound it could give a dead flower so much life. I lost count of how many years since I’ve lost you .But, I look forward to hearing about you living a glorious forever together with whomever. This is a poem of when two stars divide. A wish fell short and a love grew out of sight. A new star was born for you and I was a lie. I’ll always love you and cheers to a your new and wonderful life.

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