Rare Norm Poetry Presents : One

Rare Norm Poetry Presents : OneRare Norm Poetry Presents : One

New love ceases to amaze me

the feeling of your hand on my knees

the feeling of your heart on my sheets

the look on your face when I speak

how are you stuck on your old love

a child that wouldn’t drop the ball for you

that wouldn’t go wall to wall for you

that wouldn’t love every kiss, every hug, every sniff

of the hint of perfume you leave on your wrist.

I would, sad.

Dropped like your heart didn’t exsist. Feeling like 

you did something wrong , but you completed the

List and he still replaced you with a piece of shit.

left in a triangle, unwillingly but willingly for the 

Fact your mind , body and soul would completely

free me.

Your personality is of a living queen.

Your eyes, hair, smile, everything a true man would want, x3.

but he doesn’t, he had it, but he wasn’t what you

thought you should see, a glimpse of what a child

would be.

Any man that breathes would see how precious a

women extraordinary in all forms, is something

you shouldn’t just leave.  

Your good to your family 

And everyone deemed trusty worthy.

Patience from me to the fullest for your all I can

see. I’d do things

Diffrently so you’d never have to be paranoid about

What I’m doing with my top three.

Relaxing is what

It would be , easy for you because you deserved to

Be pleased. Praying patience is the key because eventually ill have my peace.

One time truffles, just you and me .

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