Rebecca Maria Paints Scenes from ‘Paid In Full’

A little over a decade ago, Roc-A-Fella Films released ‘Paid In Full’.

Since it’s release in 2002, ‘Paid in Full’ has become a hood classic. The story, from the point of view of Ace, follows the lives three friends Ace, Mitch (aka Money Mitch),  and Rico as they build a drug empire  selling and distributing dope, throughout the streets of Harlem during the 1980’s. As the movie progresses, things go from very good to very bad for the three friends as Ace gains serious pull on the streets and a battle for territory ensues. For those that haven’t seen the film, I suggest finding it on demand, online, bootleg, by any means necessary. It will most likely be the best movie you’ve seen in a very long time.

As a way to pay homage to the cult classic, a New York artist named Rebecca Maria created a series of painting of popular scenes from the film. Here she is below

Rebecca Maria’s paintings depict Ace, Mitch, and Rico during a few memorable scenes from the film.

Here are some examples of her work :

On March 1st, 2015, Rebecca Maria was able to showcase her ‘Paid In Full’ series at the Poppington gallery. Watch a recap of the exhibit here. Graphic prints of select artwork by Rebecca Maria are available at her website: She has created faceless paintings of famous hip hop albums and films, and other unrelated artwork. Follow her on twitter an Instagram @ rebecccamaria. The beautiful and talented Rebecca Maria. Rare Norm approves!

Yesterday was the 13th anniversary of the release of the movie! Check out Rebecca Marie’s tweet:

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