Rebellious Italian Artist Takes Over the LES with New Gallery

Rebellious Italian Artist Takes Over the LES with New Gallery 


N1 is an innovative brand and leather-based concept line founded by artist Jacopo Roncelli, a young Italian artist who followed his dream to open his gallery located at 43 Clinton St in the Lower East Side. N1 represents a lifelong passion for beauty inside all aspects of life. By concentrating on the sensibility of breaking the boundaries between space and logic, he is able to scrutinize without discrimination. N1 focuses on the importance of the “form” by facing and understanding the un-contemporaneity of our life, the time that is left, and the attempt to create expressive and meaningful surroundings.

The gallery is driven by the sacredness and respect to existential beauty with particular attention to artistic and artisanal abilities that are truly the mark of our existence. By welding antique as well as new pieces, Roncelli hopes to relive the immobility of possessions and primordiality of the senses allowing others to awaken from the reality of dreams and beliefs.

Roncelli is building invisible cities on the basis of things he does not know all while penetrating different topics the imagination craves. He is creating a one-of-a-kind experience for a product that reflects original ideas with integrity while striving for excellence through collaboration with unique mentors. With these mentors, he is able to access renowned galleries, manufacturers, and the best materials that Manhattan has to offer.

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