Rick Owens’s Venice Penthouse Inside Look

Rick Owens's Venice Penthouse Inside Look

The dark tones, unconventional constructions and brooding complexion of Rick Owens‘ clothing designs are less pronounced in the arrangements of his Venice home which he shares with inamorata and business partner, Michèle Lamy. The influential fashion designer started creating pieces for the penthouse since 2007, channeling interior design cues that celebrate his brutalist affinity while paying homage to the Italian community’s rich history. MR PORTER recently paid a visit to the couple’s Lido abode, marking the first public appearance of the sizable space or as Lamy quipped, “Superman’s castle.”
Owens envisioned a most tranquil domain that “was severe and avoided any kind of sentimentality or attachments, a blank slate,” he told MR PORTER. “Blank” is an ideal term to describe the residence that features travertine marble floors, clean white walls, and living areas minimally adorned with personal mementos such as human skulls. Most importantly, this rather unostentatious quality of the home serves as an inspiration for the couturier who wanted to create “an environment for myself that would force me to demand more and demand something better. And I have to be at my very, very, best,” Owens said.
Altogether, Owens proclaimed that “It would have been silly to do something overly theatrical, something destroyed and brutalist. I think this has a real continuity with the community.” Tour Owens’ Venice home above and head over to MR PORTER to learn more about the space. In case you missed it, the designer recently unveiled a zine to celebrate his Birkenstock collaboration.