SHOK-1 “XS” Arsham/Fieg Gallery Exhibition

SHOK-1 “XS” Arsham/Fieg Gallery Exhibition

The Arsham/Fieg Gallery in KITH SoHo presents new miniature works by British artist SHOK-1. Entitled “XS,” the presentation consists of the artist’s signature x-ray works spotlighting the cast of characters from the cult video game series, Pac-Man. These pieces are entirely made using spray-paint and freehand techniques. “Darkly beautiful and packed with subtle layers of delicate detail, X-rays are one of the most difficult subject matters a painter could attempt,” said the gallery in a statement.
Check out select works above and head over to Arsham/Fieg’s Instagram page to learn more. “XS” is on view until August 19. In other art news, check out the Long Beach Museum’s latest show with POW! WOW! Long Beach and Thinkspace Gallery that features works by internationally acclaimed visual artists.
337 Lafayette St.
New York, NY 10012

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