Snow AIDe’s ‘Tranquility House” In South Korea

Snow AIDe's 'Tranquility House

‘Snow AIDe Architects produced a weekend home in the quiet surroundings of South Korean nature to escape the noisy city where a couple of grandparents raised their family. However, because their children and grandchildren still live close to the city, they needed a home for all generations to enjoy.
This hideaway is split up into three parcels from about 2.800 square meters of land, with the smallest house built on the inside and the other two made as kitchen gardens. Its design was made using durable materials and simple forms with easy maintenance and construction costs in mind. The kitchen and living space is arranged on the ground floor with space for the little ones on the second floor. The roof has taken a floating box shape from a traditional gable roof, as a result of the upstairs design, and gradually falls into the kitchen area. Each location has a wonderful view of outside through its interior glass: a 4-meter wide road to the east, a view of the lake to the south, and a golf course to the west.
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