Stelida Terra by Gfra Architecture in Naxos

Stelida Terra by Gfra Architecture in Naxos

The latest home to catch our eye is based in Naxos. Created by gfra architecture, the island is a popular destination with the rise of tourism creating a need for new beach-side residences, which led to the creation of Stelida Terra. A real estate development group created this collection of residences, with a set of smaller homes that’d be ideal for shorter getaways.
The homes had some challenges, with the east orientation and the resulting northeastern winds dominating the area. In order to combat this, the studio built homes on a subterranean level on a slope, offering unlimited views and protection from winds. Take a look through the gallery to see the collection of homes.
In related news, a similar resort was created by Kapsimalis architects in Santorini, Greece.

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