Stickymonger Aha Gallery Exhibition | HYPEBEAST

Joohee Park, popularly known as Stickymonger, is a Brooklyn-based artist who creates large-scale mural installations. Themes of darkness, prejudice, and anxiety are invoked in her female subjects. The artist will soon launch a new exhibition at New York City’s AFA Gallery entitled “Searching for Something That Isn’t There.” The show will display 15 paintings on canvas that have been made using water-based spray paint.
“With this new medium comes unique painting technique which has transformed the artist’s line from the clean, crisp style she is known for, to a more spontaneous, abstract line, which is unpredictable and full of expression,” said the gallery. “The work’s subject matter, enhanced by this new medium, depicts frosty environments and cozy characters bundled up in the midst of winter: the artist’s favorite season.”
View select paintings above and then head over to AFA’s website to learn more. Elsewhere in art, teamLab is set to display floral screen-based works at Pace Gallery Palo Alto.
AFA Gallery
54 Greene St.
New York, NY 10013

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