Studio 10 Designs MC Escher-Inspired Guesthouse

Studio 10 Designs MC Escher-Inspired Guesthouse

Design firm Studio 10 has just finished its “Dream & Maze”-themed guestrooms at The Other Place in Guilin, China. The whimsical spaces feature dizzying, floating staircases that draw inspirations from MC Escher‘s famous optical illusions.
To bolster the rooms’ surreal effect, color palettes are pared back to minimalist two-tone schemes of pale pink and white or forest green and beige. All extra appliances and lighting fixtures are tucked behind tonal decor and a series of black-painted doors.
Check out Studio 10’s The Other Place guestrooms above and share your thoughts in the comments below. For more unique interiors, take a look inside the elegant Arkoslight offices.

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