Take a Look at Uber’s New 2018 Logo

Take a Look at Uber's New 2018 Logo

Currently the midst of a rebrand after several negative news stories, Uber has now revealed a new logo and font. Created by brand consultancy agency Wolff Olins, the brand has focused on a new set of ideals in “safety, accessibility and global ambitions.” The creative director of Wolff Olins, Forest Young, said that the competition between Uber and Lyft is “like the cola wars” in the US.
Speaking to Fast Company, he said “Unfortunately, with all the communications being so focused on this competitive mind-set, a lot of people are blind to the impact of Uber in other parts of the world. We tried to tell a global mobility story.” The change is the second one in under three years as the brand has sought to visually display the changes it wants to make.
In related news, Lexus unveiled its first ever luxury yacht.

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