Tasmanian Museum 230 Million EUR Expansion

Tasmanian Museum 230 Million EUR Expansion

Tasmanian art collector and gambling magnate David Walsh has announced the introduction of a €230 million EUR (~$400 million USD) plan to expand his Museum of Old and New Art (Mona).
The commercial venture hopes to introduce a new venue named Motown which will house an extravagant 172-room hotel, a 1,075-seat theater, an outdoor concert stage, a conference and auditorium facilities, gallery, library and office space, finalizing the project with a specially designed spa by renowned artists James Turrell and Marina Abramović. If that doesn’t sound luxurious enough, access to the venue will be mainly accessible by water via a ferrying system.
The library alone will spread over three levels, housing Walsh’s growing collection of books and hand-drawn works by Donald Friend and Australian cartographer Joan Blaeu. The venue hopes to open in 2024, with a public consultation surrounding the plan to begin next year. Just last year, Walsh expanded Mona via an extension named Pharos that currently houses various works by Turrell and other artists.
Take a look at the concept images above and for full details on the planned expansion, head on over to Mona’s website for more information.
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