Tuesday Vibes: “Foster Child”

Foster Child


Foster Child
Moving around, seeing new faces; disgusts me.
They try to understand but they don’t comprehend.
It’s like they live in a hole with the fantasy of everything will be okay.
It’s not.
Not until I say so-
They ship me one house to another believing it has solved my problems.
Yet they lack the ability to know it is another paper added to the pile.
This fake family dinner with this fake talk-
What is this?
This whole system is a delusion of playing house-
What is on my mind?
Those who have caused this wreckage,
Those who were supposed to protect me but ended up losing me.
Losing me to a feeling that will end in a moment.
You have taken my life taken what was meant to be mine
Leaving me deserted in a home that is just assigned.
Forcing relationships that soon will be over.
Next House-
I’m done….


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