visvim Survays Korean Craft in New Dissertation

visvim Survays Korean Craft in New Dissertation

After touching on craft-heavy processes like the application of Katazurizome dye to clothing, visvim introduces its first “Survey” feature. Like the Dissertations, the Surveys take an in-depth look at traditional artisinal techniques and products, with a special focus on subjects that inspire the brand. The initial story covers Kyoto’s Jeong Yong-hee, a Korean descendent who operates two Risei coffee shops in Japan. Yong-Hee explains the appeal of artifacts and craft goods from Korea’s Joseon Dynasty, which include elegantly simply pottery and furniture crafted from trees. The “honesty” of these imperfectly perfect and often plain goods makes them endearing and somewhat familiar to Japanese people, who are already familiar with the concept of wabi-sabi (treasuring imperfection).
Read the full feature on visvim’s website.
Most recently, the Japanese brand dropped a military-influenced Sanjuro Benny jacket.

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