Watch Brixel Mirror Installation Video

Watch Brixel Mirror Installation Video

Product and prototype company BREAKFAST recently unveiled a mind-bending new technology called Brixel; think brick plus pixel. Made especially for use in the art and architecture industries, the product is billed as an “infinitely rotating, variable-sized” brick that can be controlled using propriety software. The multi-purpose quality of the Brixel allows it to be utilized in creating interactive artworks or building materials for sweeping futuristic facades. To show the capabilities of the product, BREAKFAST created a 6-foot-tall interactive installation comprised of 540 Brixels.
“Brixel Mirror can be controlled from a smartphone to switch between various content and interactive experiences. ‘Silhouette’ is an experience where the Brixels directly in front of you rotate creating a mirror that matches your silhouette and moves with you giving a one-to-one reflection,” said BREAKFAST. “When no one is directly in front of the installation, kinetic animations and relevant information can play across the installation with the Brixels rotating to create letters via positive and negative colors and space.”
Watch the demonstration above and let us know your thoughts. Elsewhere in design, Sotheby’s is set to host an auction dedicated entirely to gold.

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