Watch How Kyle Ng of Brain Dead Develops His Latest Skate-Based Project

Developing a suite of tools that enable unbridled creativity, HP connects the multi-hyphenate creative, Kyle Ng, with its latest high-performance PC offering — the HP ZBook x2 — to showcase his artistic acumen. Foregoing a traditional fine arts background, the Brain Dead creator revels in taking an unorthodox approach to expressing himself creatively.

Harking back to one of his passions, Ng’s latest project sees him designing a set of skate-decks on the ZBook. Having been enamored with the ephemeral character of a skateboard’s art, the ZBook x2’s NVIDIA® Quadro® graphics card allowed him to freely work on a multitude of programs to develop this offering. Starting with a physical sculpture, he captured the forms and digitally manipulated them using the system’s UHD matte display and highly-pressure-sensitive no-charge Wacom pen to create the deck designs.

braindead kyle ng skate decks

Learn about the designer’s process in the video above, and for more information about the full Z by HP lineup, head over to the official Z website. Also, for your chance to win a set of the exclusive skate decks — stay tuned to the HB Instagram.

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