Bogarde Brings the Iconic ’80s BMX Bike for Adults Back

Months ago, we gave you an exclusive look at Bogarde Bikes’ new modern, retro-inspired bike that took three years to finish. Now the French outfit has released a brand new video to showcase the bike that’s now available for preorder.

The BMX-inspired version is made specifically for grownups. Boasting a sleek and clean build, the bike comes with premium leather seat, a mirrored chrome framework, and 24-inch Skyway wheels. It is possible for you to locate the bike accessible black, red and blue paired with the chrome structure.

The visual above was gained in France and provides a comprehensive look in the eternal and profound inspirations of their new bike and Bogarde. After viewing, make sure you head on over to the Kickstarter to find out more as well as to support of the label.

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